Terms and Conditions

This is a partnership and accepting to transact with us means that you are bound by the
terms & conditions of this partnership.


  1. To collect funds from all partners for the purpose of purchasing the QUTE CAB
  2. To purchase the QUTE CAB and deliver it to the place of business
  3. To assign and supervise a qualified driver who earns a daily commission and disburses the funds
    to all shareholders and the company
  4. To collect funds for the loan arrears
  5. To ensure availability of all post-sale services such as insurance, repairs, and service are done on

YOUR DUTY shall be to contribute funds for the purchase of a QUTE CAB

Interest rates and a company fee of 10,000 per deposit shall apply to individuals who do not pay the full amount at once.

Interest rates will be 40% per year.

The registration fee is 200,000.


Drivers must maintain their driver’s licenses updated and give any information pertaining the car’s condition to the company or they shall pay for the charge incurred

Drivers must adhere to traffic regulations and ensure that passengers to do or they pay the charges incurred

Any lost & found items are reported to the company that shall post on the website

The remittances are made daily and should be within 48 hours or incur a charge of 10k. These rates can be adjusted by the company at anytime deemed fit.

Any cost incurred out of reckless driving or operation of the vehicle shall be borne by the driver as an individual

Every driver shall deposit a daily 5k charge on top of the daily remittance of which this fee shall be used to cover any cost incurred due to recklessness or at the end of the second month shall be given back to them in case no loss is incurred.

Every first-time driver deposits 50k which shall be returned to them at the end of the second month in case no charges are incurred

Drivers Must respect clients & be security conscious at all times

The vehicle can be taken away from a driver in case of violation of any of the rules or for mishandling of the vehicle


we provide the following services; Sale of vehicles, Driver allocation and supervision, Insurance, Credit purchase, Maintenance, and servicing of the vehicle.

A purchaser can choose any or all of the above services. Terms and conditions apply.

In case of group purchases, they must submit the information required and the remittances are made to the account provided by the members as agreed by them.

The company shall not be involved in any other affairs of group purchasers

Money shall be paid weekly to the accounts provided by the member, any changes must be communicated to the company or the company shall not be liable

In case of an act of God, accident, or any other issue that may hinder the daily remittance, the Company shall communicate to the partner the reason for the inability to do so and it shall not be liable to compensate any missed remittances

The Contract can only be terminated in case of misconduct or failure to fulfill duties by one party or when the vehicle is deemed unfit for operation due to mechanical or other conditions, Any other reason other than this shall cost the terminating party 2 months’ pay.

Partners receive a daily remittance of 52,000 shillings. This rate can be increased or reduced depending on the circumstances that may affect the daily normal operation of the vehicle. This shall however be circumstances agreeable to both parties